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It is essential that you use these tools diligently for your greatest success with your healing process.

Tools, Post Session:  


Decide what your Anchor word is. This was given to you at the end of your first session. Let say it is RELAX.


1. Put three fingers of your left hand together - any three will do
2. Inhale deeply, pause.
3. Say out loud your Anchor word, or in this example: RELAX
4. Exhale
5. Repeat three times - this equals one anchor
6. For the first week you should do your Anchor word every hour
7. After the first week, do your Anchor whenever you are overthinking and you want to cut your overthinking. Also, do your Anchor whenever you are feeling any challenging thought or emotion.


Tap whenever you are triggered on deep seated emotions. You should do four to six rounds of tapping.

Please use this follow along video to tap. Use the “Tapping 15 Minute Follow Along Video”. The follow along tapping portion is only about 7 mins.

In Your Body Relaxation:

This exercise takes the attention to the body, which quickly and effectively stops excessive thinking, making the mind peaceful:

Close your eyes if you can, but you can also do this exercise while driving with eyes open. Say to yourself: “I am in my body”, then notice what it feels like to be in your body. The body might feel heavier, lighter, or the hands might tingle. Whatever you notice in the body, keep noticing it.Then say: “My body is alive”, then notice what it feels like to feel the body as alive. Again, whatever you notice, keep noticing it. Keep slowly repeating #2 and #3, pausing generously between steps