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Deborah Bird, C.Ht. MBA

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Skype Client: Anxiety Success Testimonial

Hannah is a young woman who suffered from anxiety most her life. Previously, she found social interaction to be extremely challenging and sometimes impossible.  Now she says: “That part of my life is much easier.  I feel like I am so much happier than I use to be. I don’t have any problems anymore. Before I started going to see you, I never would have thought that my anxiety would be next to gone now. Now it’s a lot easier to make conversation with others than before.” Hannah M., Bentonville, AR. These are Hannah’s comments after four sessions - three of which were done via Skype.

 Hannah is beginning a new job with a major corporation and is feeling comfortable and secure in who she is during this normally stressful time period.

Hannah's mother also comments:

Good morning Deborah,

I'm thrilled with the progress Hannah has made in her sessions. We have spoken frequently about any changes that she is experiencing and her responses have been very encouraging. She has also begun to take up for herself and be her own advocate. It's wonderful to see these positive changes. I have to admit that I was nervous and skeptical that change would occur so quickly but my negative feelings toward medication options for her spurred me to schedule her appointment. You are welcome to use any of my words in the testimonial. More people need to understand and use alternative therapies before committing to medications through traditional doctors.

Thank you and best wishes,

Robbie M., Bentonville, AR

Online Sessions:

It is both easy and effective to receive all of your sessions via phone or via Skype.


  • Quiet Place:  You should also have a quiet place to relax, where no children, dogs or phones will interrupt. 
  • Sit Upright and Hands Free:  You should havea place where you can sit upright and write while we talk.  This is how we start every online session. 
  • A Place to Recline:  You also need a place to recline. A recliner chair is fine; the couch or bed also work, as long as you have three pillows under the head and two under the knees.  The camera on your device should be shining on your face AND  BE  COMPLETELY  STABLIZED.  Particularly If you are using a phone - please be sure you have a dependable way to secure your phone.  See below under phone.

Computer: A laptop is best, but desktop also works. Your computer should have an embedded camera, top center of screen, or you can buy a separate standing camera at Best Buy.  

Phone:  You should have a cellphone, with a good headset or earbuds.  These need to also have microphones in them so that you can be heard when you speak to the hypnotherapist.


1.Zoom:  Zoom is the easiest to download and use. Download here:  Zoom is used for many online tutorials and online trainings and is useful to have on your computer.  All you do is click the download button, set up username and password, on day of session click: "Join Existing Meeting" and I will text you the meeting number. 

2. Skype: Download and send me your username and email address for your new account.  

Download here: Once you have opened your Skype account, you email your Skype user name to me and then I send you an invitation to become one of my contacts. When you accept the invitation, we will have the ability to connect visually and verbally.

3. Facetime:  Facetime is the hardest because the phone is not stable and this will take away from your session.  The phone needs to point to your face as you sit at a desk and talk with therapist and also when you recline.