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Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

About 5000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits running through the body, which are now referred to as meridians.  These meridians are the building blocks for acupuncture and acupressure, as well as a number of other healing methods,  By gently tapping on the meridians, clients can sometimes permanently release emotional and physical challenges.

Acupuncture relies on the fact that there are subtle energies that run throughout the body known as meridians.  If they are not flowing well then the body's health is not well.  If we stimulate these meridians by tapping on them with our fingertips, it tends to balance these meridians.  Once you start taking care of intense emotional issues and really resolving them, physical issues start to resolve as well.

Scientific Studies on EFT

One of the primary proponents of EFT, David Feinstein, Ph.D., completed the following abstract on various scientific studies on EFT.:

Acupoint Stimulation In Treating Psychological Disorders:  Evidence of Efficacy

Daved Feinstein, Ph.D. Ashland, Oregon

"A second preliminary study emerged after Joaquin Andrade, a physician trained in acupuncture and TFT (same as EFT), brought acupoint tapping for psychiatric conditions to a group practice running 11 clinics in Argentina and Uruguray.  In and ongoing in-house investigation, his team tracked the progress of 5,000 anxiety patients over a 5-1/2 year period.  Half were assigned to the clinics' standard protocol for anxiety disorders, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) with anti-anxiety medication as needed.  The other half received acupoint tapping with mental activation, but no anti-anxiety medication.  Raters did not know which treatment a patient received.  Improvement was found in 90% of the acupoint tapping group and 63% of the CBT group, with complete relief of symptoms at 76% for acupoint tapping and 51% for CBT.  One-year follow-up samplings predicted that 78% sustained the benefits form acupoint tapping and 69% from CBT.

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