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Cancer, Corona Virus, General Viruses

Cancer: Healing From Cancer & Other Major Diseases

How To Do It: I have healed from cancer three times and here is how. If you jump in and do everything on this page, my guess is that most likely you will heal. God bless you all on your healing journey.

1. Plant Based Diet: It is almost as though the scientific studies on this issue are irrelevant, since there are so many well documented cases of people healing from cancer after switching to a plant based diet. Reading through endless contradictory data is probably only going to confuse you – especially since you may already have cancer. The following documentary follows a number of people over a period of years telling how they healed from various diseases: Eating You Alive.
2. Dr. Greeger: Dr Greeger offers significant, well sorted and gathered info, on scientific evidence supporting eliminating cancer through a plant based diet: Nutrition Facts.
3. Cleanse: The Dr. Max Gerson cleanse Has healed many patients throughout the world from cancer and other diseases. Dr. Gerson was befriended by the Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, after healing his wife of lung tuberculosis. Patients often turn to this modality after attempting every other form of healing, thereby resulting in a population of advanced cancer patients at Gerson Clinics. None-the-less, they have an impressive record of cures.

Important Points Regarding Gerson Cleanse:

1. In general avoid any book written by Dr. Gerson unless you are the highly scientific type. His books are mostly incomprehensible du to his medical speak. This is true for his book: “A Cancer Therapy: Result of 50 Cases”. However, the case studies themselves are easy to understand, and well worth reading, but the rest of the book is difficult to understand.
2. Dr Gerson’s followers, primarily Charlotte Gerson, his daughter, have translated his concepts into easy to follow guides. The most important book that you need to use is the Gerson’s Handbook available for free online: Gerson Therapy Handbook PDF. This book sells on Amazon for $12.98 and they offer to the community for free here at this link.

3. Charlotte Gerson is an activist and talks like one. She is not particularly enamored with the medical community. I love what she has to say, but she is a bit critical of the medical community. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Charlotte's book is excellent: The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program to Fight Cancer and Other Illnesses.

4. The holistic community and the medical community don’t agree on much, but the following they will agree on: Traditional medical treatment for cancer – although it may reduce or eliminate cancer – will deplete you physically, emotionally and, therefore, spiritually. On the other hand, anyone who tries the Gerson’s cleanse for even three days will agree that this cleanse enlivens and revive

5. You can do the cleanse yourself for FREE by following the steps in the Gerson’s Handbook, or you can participate in some very cost effective assistance from Gerson’s Institute

6. The full scope of the Gerson’s cleanse, including all the addons, is a bit overwhelming. To start, you should just do the diet, the juices and the enemas. This is where most of the benefit lies. Once you get this protocol down, you can try adding on all the other things they recommend.
7. You will need a juicer to do this cleanse. Here is one of the best juicers on the market: Omega Juicer. Do not buy a cheap juicer because you will not get much juice from the vegetables used making it very expensive to get 12 oz of juice. Also, juicers other than Omega and Champion can be hard to clean making them cumbersome.

Corona Virus and General Viruses:

Most of this discussion centers around the Epstein Barr Virus, now thought to be the precursor to many diseases.  What is said here, in terms of the cure, also applies to Corona.

Many alternative healers and a few MDs feel that many of our diseases are caused by the Epstein Barr virus. EBV is thought to be the cause of diseases like Lymes, multiple sclerosis, cerebal palsy, hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue. The solution to EBV is to kill the virus. Here are some links that can explain more about these diseases and leading edge solutions:

1. The book "The Medical Medium" by Anthony William. Mr Willam is described by NY Times bestseller Ann Louise Gittlelemann as "Anthony identifies the underlying causes of diseases that often baffle the most astute conventional and alternative healthcare practitioners."

2. Drink hydrogen peroxide. Since EBV is a virus, it dies when in the presence of extra oxygen. The HP provides extra molecules of oxygen and the virus cant live in the presence of so much oxygen. This therapy did not reduce any good bacteria in my gut or diminish my digestive abilities in any way that I noticed - and I don't have good digestion in general so I am very tuned into what is happening in that area of body.

Technically, this protocol is for 12% HP FOOD GRADE. This can be found on Amazon.

a. Link to the online free PDF version of The One Minute Cure:

b. I do not like the protocol in the above book. I prefer this one:

Week One: 1/4 tsp in 32 oz of spring or distilled water daily
Week Two: 1/2 tsp
Week Three: 3/4 tsp
Week Four: 1 tsp
Week Five: 1 1/4 tsp
Week Six: 1 tsp, and continue this for 6 months

Drink 4oz every hour or 8 oz every two hours.

All the best and let me know how it goes.

3. Drink Germ Fighter: Put 3 to 4 drops of Germ Fighter into a capsule and drink up to 4 or 5 times a day. Available at Plant Therapy. Hydrogen peroxide is more dependable and agressiv