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Elimination of Anxiety, Limiting Belief Patterns, Blocks to Personal and Professional Growth, 

Food Addictions, Trauma, ADD, Business Coaching

Deborah Bird, C.Ht. MBA

Certified Hypnotherapist and Health Coach

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How It Works:  Healing Anxiety, Sugar & Soda Addictions, & BED 

Client Breaks Sweets Addiction In One Session

The healing process is a simple step-by-step protocol that works like this:

Step One:  Understand and Eliminate Causes. 

Our fast paced society has led to dependency on certain kinds of foods  and behavior patterns that over trigger the insulin cycle,  thereby throwing many people into low blood sugar, and then anxiety.   Yes! eating too much sugar, as well as some other foods, causes low blood sugar.  These foods, and the specific identifiable patterns of eating associated with them, must be eliminated and replaced with a system that balances blood sugar.  No!  If sugar addiction is one of your challenges, we do not say anything so ineffective as to tell you to simply stop eating sugar - because you are addicted - right?  Yet this is what you will hear with many other medical professionals.  In our system, we actually ADD something tasty to your diet as it is.

Step Two: Aversion Therapy:

Through a process of deep relaxation, mental imagery, and hypnosis the subconscious mind is embedded with an aversion for the insulin triggering foods and practices that the client uses.  This therapy is quite successful - see testimonial below.

Step Three: Releasing Cravings and Challenging Emotions: 

Cravings:   Diet is an important part of this system.  Since many experience cravings for unhealthy foods, clients are treated using a variety of releasing systems:  the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, the Sedona Method, or releasing through breathwork.  In addition, the client will learn tools which they can use on their own and receive a video tape that guides them through the process, which they can use anywhere that they have internet access, i.e. mobile or laptop. 

Challenging Emotions:  Whenever we are making positive changes in our lives, limiting beliefs and uncomfortable emotions tend to surface.  Through releasing them in a consistent and reliable way, we rise to a higher path where solutions and opportunities effortlessly appear.

Step Four:  Taming the Mind

In today's world our minds become over stimulated by digital devices, challenging schedules, and too much multitasking.  Many people experience their minds as running constantly, and even frantically.  This is the process through which anxiety receives its fuel and amplifies.  When the mind stops the incessant processing, calm and balance are restored, allowing clients to accomplish more, not less.  Client's experience this calm in the hypnosis and learn how to reinforce this cal by using home videos and tools, which are provided free of cost.

Step Five:  Diet and Exercise

Diet:  Because people are so busy, all diet guidance provides specific information on how to eat foods that are easy to prepare, healthy and delicious.  Client's will receive a steady stream of recipes and tips that meet the big three requirements: fast, easy and delicious.

Exercise:  Clients explore and discover exercise that is doable, which works for their schedule.  If necessary they are introduced to exercise through a process called graduating, which makes the transition easier.

Other Causes of Anxiety & Stress:

1. Inability to break the block to exercise. Exercise is simple to do and yet overly dramatized by the mind as something that is impossible to begin and keep doing. The primary cause of this is the pain body. The first step is to grasp the mechanics of the pain body, to learn what feeds, and to learn how to quit giving it food;

2. Habitual Rehashing of Life Challenges. The default setting of the human mind in today's world is problem focused. We rehash and continuously analyze problems over and over again. This never solves anything and results in more stress.