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Restless Leg Syndrome:

I have never owned a gun or had a desire to shoot anything or anyone, but at one point I wanted to shoot my legs off my body. I use to have RLS symptoms 24/7, with only one hour of sleep a night, and now practically symptom free.

Here is my treatment plan:

1. Plant based diet, fresh homemade preps,

2. No processed foods.  When I do eat processed foods, I eat high quailty products from the health food store.  Read the ingredients.  If they have more than 6 ingredients in them, or a bunch of chemicals, then avoid,

3. Sweaty rigorous exercise every morning- I do hot yoga.  Running or fast paced gym workout will do,

4. This relaxing acupressure exercise every night before bed or anytime.  If your RLS is serious then do this video twice:

Restless Leg Syndrome Resolved:

5. Magnesium, Lions Mane, high quality CBD oil.  Give these time to work, but immediate results are not out of the question. Recommended CBD is Dragonfly Botanicals full spectrum 5x 1250 mg

6.  No sugar, or artificial sweeteners.  You may use the natural, zero calorie sweeteners:  Stevia, xylitol, moong fruit - many drinks sweetened with these.

7. No alcohol, small amount of black tea - otherwise no caffeine, 

8. Take D3, B12 and iron.  Iron can cause nausea so be sure to take heme iron.  I use ProFerrin heme iron.  If you get constipated, stop taking it. 

9.  Hypothyroidism causes RLS.  You need to go to a naturopath that specializes in hormones and thyroid issues.  Most thyroid labs do not accurately measure thyroid problems in the lower ranges of abnormalities and many MDs will tell you you don't have thyroid issues even when you do.  This is now recognized even by some MDs who are more wholistic.

10.  Untested by me but sounds like it might be a good possibility:

a)  A foot wrap that sounds promising called;

b) Neupro transdermal patches. 

Not only does the above regime eliminate RLS, but creates over all better health. People hold onto their junkie eating habits because they think it is giving them pleasure. Eating a plant based diet and eating whole healthy natural foods is not only incredibly delicious, but brings you so much more pleasure than any piece of pizza ever will. Look for good recipes on Youtube or here: