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Wall Street Journal

​Altered States: Hypnosis In Mainstream Medicine Major Hospitals Use Trances for Fractures, Cancer, Burns; Speeding Surgery Recoveries


Hypnosis, often misunderstood and almost always controversial, is increasingly being employed in mainstream medicine.  Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotized mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body.

The new findings are leading major hospitals to try hypnosis to help relieve pain and speed recovery in a variety of illnesses. ​At the University of North Carolina, hypnosis is transforming the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, an often-intractable gastro-intestinal disorder, by helping patients to use their mind to quiet an unruly gut.

Doctors at the University of Washington's regional burn center in Seattle regularly use it to help patients alleviate excruciating pain. Several hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School are employing hypnosis to speed up postsurgical recovery time. In one of the most persuasive studies yet, a Harvard researcher reports that hypnosis quickened the typical healing time of bone fractures by several weeks.​ "Hypnosis may sound like magic, but we are now producing evidence showing it can be significantly therapeutic," says David Spiegel, a Stanford University psychologist. "We know it works but we don't exactly know how, though there is some science beginning to figure that out, too."

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Hypnosis & Deep Relaxation Techniques

Most people/experts who offer definitions leave you feeling more confused than when you started, hopefully this definition does not.  Feel free to use any part of this explanation for your purposes.
 Hypnosis is a form of specialized relaxation, which allows access to the subconscious mind, where new patterns in reality and behavior can be deeply imprinted into the subconscious.  This can often lead to improvements in the situation of the individual treated.  These changes can range from steady and gradual, to swift and thorough.  In part, the permanency and efficacy depends both on the quality of the follow-up exercises given to the client by the therapist, and the willingness of the client to do these exercises.

Deborah's hypnosis differs from standard hypnosis in that a big part of her treatment includes releasing.  She employs various techniques that release the in internal clinging that we  all have with our traumas and disappointments, before beginning the deeper parts of the hypnosis process.

Because the client achieves a relaxed state and imagines certain scenarios, hypnosis is often confused with meditation and guided imagery.  Although these modalities offer many benefits, they do not offer access to sudden, swift change and trauma release.

Reprograming:  The existing programing in our minds lives in deep layers of the subconscious. Our unconscious daily thoughts and resulting actions, our persona, confidence, and habits all emanate from these layers - layers which are planted by childhood experiences, intense personal challenges throughout life, and most of all, our ongoing reactions to these events. Deborah helps clients rework these subtle layers by reprogramming them through hypnosis.

Deep RelaxationWithout exception, every client achieves a deep state of relaxation in hypnosis.  Most physical and emotional challenges are rooted in and fertilized by an overactive mind. Hypnosis allows the mind to stop, permitting the hypnotic suggestions to embed in the subconscious.  This the foundation for physical and emotional release and healing.

Healing Experience

Although Deborah does not treat, diagnose, or cure, she freely shares with others that she has used all of these techniques to:

1. Heal  from cancer three times;

2. Heal from hypothyroidism;  

3. She was also the top performer in a challenging sales position with a large financial institution.  

By applying all the techniques described here, she maintains a vibrant life, of which emotional tranquility and  physical robustness are the cornerstones.