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All of the videos below give you step-by-step directions.  Everything is easy to follow:

Two Videos Available: 

1.  Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety; and

2.  Hypnosis and EFT for Sleep. 

You may select either or both in the box below.  Once you have paid, you will be sent an email with a link.  This is an online video.  This platform is reliable and dependable. 

3. System Requirements:  NONE:  As long as you can play Youtube on your platform, you can use these videos. Unlike Amazon videos, you WILL  NOT  have to download any software to play your video, nor will you have to call a customer service line to get any kinks worked out.  You can play these on your phone or laptop anytime, anywhere you have a phone or internet connections.  No messy DVDs to deal with. 

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