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Deborah Bird, C.Ht. MBA

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Deborah's Business Coaching is Different in the Following Ways:

Goal Setting Training & Workshop:

Deborah offers trainings and workshops in results oriented goal setting.  Her process is unique and thorough, and is not like anything else you will come across.

Deborah's unique brand of coaching offers:

1. A specific and intricate protocol for circumventing common roadblocks in goal setting;

2.  Detailed processes for setting workable goals;

3.  How to release challenging or negative thoughts during and after goal setting.

Many of the Popular Methods of Goal Setting Work Against Achieving the Goal

The culprit here is magnification of resistance. If a goal is too big, or otherwise inappropriately set, it often results in magnifying existing limiting beliefs, or resistance. Resistance is any energetic force within the individual, including thoughts and childhood imprints, that hold them back from succeeding.

One of the most common schools of thought in goal setting, although oversimplified here, goes like this: Make a five year plan, put it on a vision board, and focus on it every day. While this may work for a handful of people, in most cases, it is missing all the important components of successful goal setting. For example, when the individual knows, or feels very strongly, that they will achieve a goal, they usually do - another name for this is confidence. So, how does looking at a five year plan, or a visual representation of a five year, plan increase confidence? Most likely, it will trigger in the individual a sense of "this is impossible" or "I failed last time I tried this", thereby increasing their resistance or doubt.

Deborah's unique brand of coaching offers a specific and intricate protocol for circumventing these goal setting roadblocks. In general, these are the steps:

1. How to set a goal that works for the individual and how to evaluate whether it is the proper goal;

2. How to properly manage each goal, all day long, and the necessity of doing so;

3. How and when to increase this goal to a higher level to successfully achieve longer term goals;

4. How to embrace and productively use, to the advantage of the individual, all of the emotional and physical setbacks that arrive in the process of achieving these goals.

Measurable Improvements On the Spot: 

One part of Deborah's coaching process consists of releasing limiting beliefs and emotions surrounding any goal.  This small part is easily demonstrated.  In this regard, Deborah can achieve measurable improvements, on the spot in a free demonstration session for any decision making group.  There really is no way to describe this in words, and the most effective way to assess the validity of this process is to do a live demo.  Here are the steps:

1.  Volunteer rates the intensity of their challenge on a scale of 10 to 1. Challenges come in the form of some limiting belief preventing the individual from achieving their full potential.  One example of a common challenge might be "Fear of closing the sale".

2. The coaching release is performed and the intensity of the challenge  is rated again, which usually results in the individual reducing the reported intensity from about an eight down to a at least a four, or even as low as zero.

3.  With coaching and reinforcement tools, the client can maintain their gains.

Benefits of Releasing:

Frequently, the client will start out identifying their challenge as something very general.  After a few rounds of releasing, this general block  may likely have morphed into something more specific, such as  "my father told me I would never amount to anything."  It is much more effective to release on specific, core issues, than to continue to bury them.  The Release Method is especially good at unburying, bring these more core challenges out into the light of day, and effectively releasing the which can result in permanent lasting changes for the better.

About Deborah:

Deborah worked on the Fannie Mae securities trading desk and sold more than any other broker in the history of the trading desk.  She has an MBA in Finance from George Washington University.   Find out more about her here.